Style Advice

There are many reasons why men come to us for style advice; some are trying to land the right job, others are getting married, some are re-entering the social scene, and some people just need the help. There is no single answer on how to build a wardrobe, because it very much depends on who you are and who you want to be.

If there is one thing we are most passionate about, it is helping people find their way with style. Taking the time to listen and discuss your lifestyle goals, and helping you achieve them is what drives us. We will advise you on what wardrobe solutions are best for you.

We have great basics that are fashionable and well made. Building a wardrobe for work always begins with the basics, and like your career, it grows from there. No matter what stage you're at, we will evaluate what you have, discuss and identify what you need, and provide you with great options that will have you loving your wardrobe.

If you would like to talk about your wardrobe needs and wants, feel free contact us, or schedule an appointment.


You're getting Married, and of course you want to look your best. The pictures and videos from that day will be viewed by your loved-ones for a lifetime. This really is your chance to look your best and spare no details, a custom made suit may be in order. Whatever you would like to do, we can help. If you want to coordinate a best man and ushers, or if you want to go custom, either way it's always good to plan ahead. There will be many other details to manage as the big day approaches, let us concern ourselves with your outfit, we will make sure everything is perfect. We've done this a few times. You can trust that we will take care of the groomsmen, the Fathers, or anyone else you need us to help.

For many men, the extent of their wedding preparations is getting themselves ready, so let's take that one job, and do it really well. Remember when the all the food has been eaten, and the DJ has played his last tune, the things you will cherish most will be the memories and your photos. Adding a sense of timelessness is always a good idea.

If you would like to talk about your upcoming wedding, feel free to contact us, or schedule an appointment.

Made To Measure [MTM]

Suits, Shirts, Jackets, Pants and Vests.

When the look has to be just right or you're trying to achieve a creation that you dreamt up, we would be happy to make if for you. Even with our great off the rack selection, sometimes you just might want to make the suit of your dreams, an extra pocket or detail may be the crowning touch on the look you desire. We have a great selection of Italian fabrics for you to choose from, and we could make your suits in Canada or Italy. Tombolini makes our Made in Italy Custom program.

Our Made in Canada custom shirt collection is of the highest quality with an endless selection of options and Made in Italy fabrics to choose from. If you wear shirts everyday and have come to appreciate the difference in quality, I encourage you try our shirt, we know you will be amazed by the quality.

We also have our Private Collection in store. If your body type requires you to wear MTM, that's when you need us the most. Finding the right fit can sometimes be a challenge, so we always have various cuts in store that you can choose from. This allow us to spend more time picking the fabrics and details and less time taking measurements.

If you would like to talk about your Made to Measure needs and wants, feel free to contact us, or schedule an appointment.