Its ALL in the Jeans

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It feels great to have good jeans. We have a selection of 7 for all mankind and DL Premium Denim in the new Luxe Performance and 4-way stretch fabrics and they feel as good as they look. The cut and the stretch make it a slim jean with more comfort than any jean before. Our new jeans are in, and you really should try a pair on.

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New Arrivals: G-Labs Coats

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G-LAB has quickly become the winter coat to have. Those who bought some of the styles of the past two years, are at early again this year getting the latest styles. This season we have the Cosmo, Helmsman, Field, Commander and the Moto. Some of them are available in a few different colour options. They wont last long, so come in and see what all the hype is about.

PS. Ray Lewis wore the Helmsman at the Superbowl parade.

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New Arrivals: 3 Heritage Jeans

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This season we have introduced 34 Heritage to our denim collection. These jeans are fashionable with innovative fabrics and washes and are available in a variety of fits. They offer the perfect compliment to our selection of 7 for all mankind’s and our DL1961 selection. We have offered an introductory price of $175 for all 34 Heritage jeans during the month of October.

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Micro Patterns and Textures

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This SAND shirt is as close to the perfect example of this Fall’s Mens Fashion that I could imagine. The micro patterns, and textured p-dots are really only the beginning. The geometrical detail in the cuff is as subtle as you would like interesting details to appear. The colors, let’s call them plumb and blue will certainly be the in fashion colors. Yes green accents do play a role, but that should be left to the pro’s.

Expect to see a lot of birds eye, hounds tooth and haring bone patterns. Interesting prints are still in favor, and the little daisy print is a personal favorite. Come in to see our complete collection.

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Hugo Boss Fall 2015

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Scott Eastwood is the new face of the current Autumn/Winter campaign.

Scott Eastwood, youngest son of American actor Clint Eastwood, does not only follow in his famous father’s footsteps when it comes to work, he is also just as good-looking. The selected subjects for the BOSS campaign shooting reflected his natural and charismatic personality. Not only Scott Eastwood but also the photo crew was a star cast as best exemplified by the collaboration with Dutch photographer couple Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin. The shooting took place in the famous Pier59 Studios in New York. For years they have been among the most sought-after fashion and portrait photographers worldwide. Joe McKenna who is one of the most influential stylists of all time was in charge of the styling. Shot by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin the pictures were originally taken in color; only during the editing process the team opted for the puristic aesthetics of black-and-white photography – a stylistic device often used to enhance the personality, therefore perfectly underlining the Scandinavian simplicity of the new BOSS Menswear.

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Hugo Boss: WorldCUP 2014

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Who are you cheering for this summer? The World Cup is right around the corner, and Little Italy is starting to buzz. The patios are being set up in preparation for the beautiful game. Hugo Boss has released the World Cup series of polo’s, and we have them. Brazil, Italy, Spain, England, Germany and France. Be sure to come early, because just like patio seats on game day, they won’t last long.

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Amarani Has Arrived

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We are happy to announce the addition of Armani to our star studded list of collections. The Armani collection offers a new cool and casual element to our store which is a great fit for our Little Italy location.

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Suits that make a Splash

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Long gone are the days when a suit was worn to help a man blend in, and making a fashion statement was avoided. Today men wear suits to express themselves. Presenting yourself as a unique individual with a distinct style will serve you well in your personal and professional life. Being current in your appearance translates to being current in your field, being outdated is never a good thing. Today a suit needs to be well fitted, not tight. It needs to strike a balance between style and comfort, and nobody does that better than Tombolini. If you have never owned a suit that was Made in Italy, you owe it to yourself to come in and try one on, and see for yourself what a difference it makes.

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Friends and Family Events

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Come in this weekend to preview our Spring 2014 collection, and take advantage of a great selection of clothing and sportswear all 50% off. Come in early for the best selection.

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Introducing : The Men of Spring

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Mr. Eye Candy, Mr. American in Tuscany and the Great Dane are the first Men of Spring we would like to introduce you to. Each of them has a unique style about them, and they are all very stylish. Mr. Eye Candy is on his way to the love boat. That summer boat cruise you get invited to that is sure to be full of eye candy, and he wants to make sure he is part of that candy. Mr. American in Tuscany is as concerned with comfort as he is with style. Long days walking the vineyard will do that to you. The Great Dane is dressed conservatively for his North American business trip. For a European with great style, this is business attire.

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