Fashion Party Highlights

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Spring 2017

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The spring is here...

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The wedding Planner

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So you're getting Married, Congratulations!!!

It's your big day, and we know just how to ensure you look and feel great.  We have all the latest designer Suits and Tuxedos from our favorite designers. This Hardy Amies Tuxedo was the center of attention at the Canada Bridal Show.  I have a classic sense when it comes to weddings, and generally refer back to black, but this will be a big look for this season and a long time to come. It's an instant classic. Also on display were the Sand and Calvin Klein tuxedos and our Custom Made In Italy Wedding looks. 

We offered a show special, suits from as low as $350, and we will have the special in store Until March 1, 2017. Come in to get inspired and fitted at our Menswear Store on College St. In Toronto's Little Italy.

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G-LAB Coats are on everybody's wish list

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  pure, modern aesthetic with cutting-edge performance g-lab fuses modern aesthetic, cutting-edge technology and fine craftsmanship into the ultimate jacket. We create for urban life, pushing the limits of our imagination with thoughtful material and details that raise the bar from high-tech fashion to pure, effortless style. That’s what makes the difference between braving the weather and being right in your element. Our iconic signature multilayer fabrics guarantee that all our products are waterproof, windproof, breathable and warm when needed.     …

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Patrick Assaraf: Casual Wear, Sophisticated not Sloppy!

By Alexis Arviv | 

Patrick Assaraf by PYA Importers

Seasonal Selections



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Private Label Pasqualino Shirts

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The Pasqualino 'Private Label' Shirt

'Slim' or 'Trim' for Him

Wearing a poorly fitted shirt is like wearing socks and sandals, in December.

It's just not acceptable. Ever.

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Brouback Throwback! Softest Summer Shirts

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Brouback Throwback!

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Holiday Hours

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Happy Easter From Ours to Yours!

Friday March 25th - CLOSED

Saturday March 26th - OPEN

Sunday March 27th -CLOSED

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Be One With Your Denim

It's All in The Cut, It's all in The Fit


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34 Heritage Jeans are a new favorite

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A New Favourite Denim Brand





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